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Personal Responsibility

Several times, recently, I have received E-mails of this form: "I have discovered this group/person/organization/newsgroup/political party/ evil girl/boyfriend, who is, for this reason, worthy of destruction. Should they be eliminated?"

My people, my people. I love you all very much, and if you were here right now, I'd give you all several loving blows of remonstrance. Look. The point of the Scorched Earth party is PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. When you see some smug, bloated git carrying on about the benefits of CISC versus RISC, you should not need to ask my permission to beat them to death with a lead pipe - by the time you received it, they would be long gone. The Scorched Earth Party is here to tell you to GO FOR IT!

Plus, if it was necessary to get my permission to spread mayhem, we would be in GRAVE DANGER of having UNITY IN OUR CAUSE. THIS MUST BE AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS!!!

So go out now, and beat someone to death with a lead pipe. Preferably someone who you suspect deserves death, but AREN'T SURE!!! You'll be glad you did.

And then go to the web page:

- Jeff Vogel Scorched Earth Party

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