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Family Leave: The Scorched Earth Way

The Scorched Earth Party:

"Because Rights are a Privelege, not a Right."

Family Leave Bill Position Paper:

We at the Scorched Earth party believe that a worker will not need to go take care of a sick family member, should that family member die. This is in agreement with our belief that the Medical Care Crisis should be blamed on the true cause: The Sick.

It will be the employers responsibility to tell the sick family member to shape up or ship out, so to speak, and punctuate the remarks, if necessary with bedpan withdrawl, sharp jabs to the kidneys, or, if necessary, a bullet to the head.

If a woman truly needs time off to take care of a child, her husband is not doing enough, and should be shot. If she is unmarried, someone can be found to marry her.

The Scorched Earth Party:

"The last true hope for an unpleasantly peaceful population."

- Jeff Vogel Scorched Earth Party

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