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Sorched Earth Party on Abortion

We of the Scorched Earth Party are firmly pro-abortion. It involves death and gore, and allows more sex, and that will send this country more in the direction we desire.


For an activity as fundamentally interesting as abortion, the names of the buildings in which the act takes place are unusually bland.

We of the Scorched Earth Party support instant legislation to require that all abortion mills have interesting name, such as:

Ye Olde Abortione Shoppe

Big Al's Abortion Plant and Sausage Factory

All Things Abortion

The Abortionarium


Anyone not following our guidelines, or who disagrees with us, will be beaten to death with a lead pipe.

Scorched Earth Party -

"We're so pro-abortion, we'll ram the fetuses back up there and PULL THEM OUT AGAIN!"

- Jeff Vogel Keeper of Exile

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