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The Poo Bomb - True Tales Of Parental Terror
by Jeff Vogel

“It weighs about ten pounds. It's soft and squirmy. It must want something, because it's screaming, and you better be good at guessing, because it can't tell you what's wrong. If it were anything else, you'd take it back to the store and exchange it for one that works. But instead, you're expected to love it.”

-Jeff Vogel,The Poo Bomb

Tired of parenting books that lie to you? Books that spend half their time telling you how stupid everything you do is, and the other half pretending that raising a baby is some impossibly, insanely joyful experience? Want a book that realizes that your newborn mainly provides an endless stream of filthy diapers, unexplained wailing, and sleepless nights? Not to mention no sex? Well, this book is it. The Poo Bomb: True Tales of Parental Terror recounts, with terrifying honesty, the first year of life of Cordelia, a freshly hatched, gooey human girl.

The first year of parenthood isn’t about joy or fulfillment. It is about menial labor, wiping up human waste, and marking time until the kid is old enough to run and play and thank you for its life. Read a tale of this gruesome journey through year one, week by week, with such topics as:

… Confessions Of An Ambivalent Parent.
… Dealing With Friends Without Children. Curse Their Happy, Carefree Hearts.
… The Three Main Reasons Being a Parent Sucks.
… Why Other Parenting Books Are Stupid.

Rich with irreverent honesty and humor, The Poo Bomb is the reality show of parenting books. It reflects what most parents have sometimes guiltily felt about their not-so-delightful bundles of joy. After all, if babies expect us to feed them and carry them around and teach them to talk and give them ponies and cars, it’s only fair for us to get to sit around and make fun of them sometimes.

This web site helpfully has several sample chapters. If you would like a copy of your very own, use the purchase link at the right edge of this page.

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing. 272 pages. ISBN: 0-7407-5045-3

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