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Setting Up Your Baby's Bassinet. Or Something.

This article depicts the process of setting up the bassinet in which my baby Cordelia was to sleep. My goal was to create an environment which was comfortable, comforting, and stimulating to her tiny brain.

Step 1 - Reassuring.

We wanted the bassinet to be a place where Cordelia would feel comforted, even if mommy and daddy were off watching TV.


Figure 1 -


Note the stuffed Power Puff girl. It is place just above where the baby's head will be, so she can always see it.


Step 2 - Comfortable

Next, we needed something there to keep the little girl wrapped up and warm.


Figure 2 -

That is what we bought plastic bags for. They are airtight, so baby's precious warmth won't slip away.


Step 3 - Educational.

Finally, we needed some sort of learning toy. Something to stimulate the baby's brain.


Figure 3 -

Thus, the hammer and nails.



Conclusion -

Sadly, not every parent is as thoughtful and loving as I am. For example, my wife, when she saw the results of my planning and hard work, started screaming. She may or may not have stopped by now.

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